Major Medical Supplements

Major Medical Supplemental Plans are designed to supplement major medical insurance by covering higher deductibles, prescription drugs and doctor visits.
The catastrophic costs for individuals and families associated with the health care system of today can result in very high premium payments. One way to cut your cost is to raise your deductibles and fill in the gap with supplemental major medical plans. While supplemental plans do not fill in all of the gaps, they do pick up a lot of the actual charges we incur the most, such as doctor co-pays and prescription drug cost. The real advantage of supplemental plans is that they usually can help you lower your overall major medical health insurance premiums.

Major medical supplemental plans can also be sold as a stand-alone product when full major medical coverage is just too expensive. We offer a major medical supplemental plan from New Era Life Insurance Company of Houston, Texas. The cost is dramatically lower that that of a full blown major medical health insurance plan. However, we caution you that supplemental plans are narrow in scope(what they cover) and do not nearly cover the broad range of out patient services that a full major medical plan does. We advise you to choose an agent who will be completely open and honest with you and explain the pros and cons of a product. Again, there are no magic bullets in health insurance. Beware of bargains, high pressure, or something "too good to be true".

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